Thursday, June 01, 2006

If you checked out the links I supplied in my last blog, one of the articles stated that Disney's Home on the Range was to be the companies final 2D animated film. I can't believe that the company responsible for my interest in animation is abandoning its roots. I suppose this goes back to Glenn's question about whether films without computer effects would become novelties. It seems that 2D animation will soon be a novelty, at least with Disney. I think it is pretty sad, especially since the first couple of 3D films did not do nearly as well at the box office as the ones done with the help of Pixar. Here is an article about the film Brother Bear and the pros and cons to the 2D process on that film that I found interesting. One of Disney's next big films due out 2009 is the computer animated Rapunzel Unbraided. We will see how they do...

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Glenn said...

So, you don't have a VCR? Wow, times are a'changin'.

Yep, older technologies are often relegated to the backwash of minor productions or as a fine art--think about good ol' chemical film. What student projects are using it? More and more it is becoming a medium of fine artists, like text-setting or oil painting.

New doesn't replace, it simply reshuffles.